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 -League Schedule News
-2016 League Start Dates - T-Ball & Coach Pitch will start league games the week of April 11th. PeeWee & Midget league games may start the week of April 4th.
-2016 WCVL Pre-season T-Ball & Coach Pitch Dates - April 4-9th.
-2016 WCVL Post-season Tournament Dates - T-Ball~June 16-18th. Coach Pitch, Peewee, & Midget~June 18-25th (tentative dates, may change based on OK Kids dates that are released in February).
-2016 OK Kids Regional Tournament Dates - Coach Pitch, Peewee, & Midget~July 5-9th OR July 11-16th (tentative dates, will be set by OK Kids in February).
-BOTH COACHES are responsible for reporting game results promptly.  This information is vital for Qualifying Tournament Brackets and determining league trophy winners.  ENTER THE RESULTS THROUGH THIS WEBSITE AT ENTER SCORES.
-RAINOUT Schedule: If rained out on MONDAY - You will play at 9:00 (if 6:30 game) or 10:30 (if 8:00 game) on the following Saturday. If you are rained out on TUESDAY - You will play at Noon (if 6:30 game) or 1:30 (if 8:00 game) on the following Saturday. If you are rained out on THURSDAY - You will play at 3:00 (if 6:30 game) or 4:30 (if 8:00 game) on the second Saturday. If you are rained out on FRIDAY - You will play at 6:00 (if 6:30 game) or 7:30 (if 8:00 game) on the second Saturday.
 Tournament News
-Congratulations to the 2015 WCVL Midget Championship tournament finishers: Champions - Washington Hyde, Runner Ups - Maysville, and Third Place - Washington Bates.
-Congratulations to the 2015 WCVL Peewee Championship tournament finishers: Champions - Noble Cubs, Runner Ups - Lindsay Oilers, and Third Place - Washington Moore.
-Congratulations to the 2015 WCVL Coach Pitch Championship tournament finishers: Champions - Noble Blue Jays, Runner Ups - Washington Barnes, and Third Place - Washington Schleff.
-Congratulations to the 2015 WCVL T-Ball Championship tournament finishers: Champions - Lindsay Fireballers, Runner Ups - Purcell Piranhas, and Third Place - Washington Beller.
 News for Coaches
-The OK Kids roster form must be used for the 2015 season. Download Roster HERE. This form must be filled out and sent to the WCVL President BEFORE your first league game. If it is not sent, your team will forfeit. It is the coach's responsibility to know this rule. You may fill it out and save a copy to your computer, then print it or attach it to an e-mail.
-All Coach Pitch and older players are required to sign a contract card to be a legal member of your team. Coaches are responsible for maintaining a copy for their records. Contract Card
-Players that are on your roster that do not go to school in your town or live in your town may need to be released. The following form must be filled out and returned to the league president before the end of May. Failure to do so will result in forfieture of all games that player has played in. RELEASE FORM. It is the coach's responsibility to know this rule. Further details at WCVL Rules Meeting(s).
-There have been some questions about the Pitching Rules.  Please study the Pitching Rules.  It is the coach's responsibility to know this rule.
-ALL Coaches MUST report the scores of their games through ENTER SCORES on or before the Saturday following the game!
 General News
-The 2015 Rules have been posted and updated!
 Umpire News
-Umpires will be keeping track of the pitchers used in Peewee and Midget games.  They may use this PITCHING CARD to record the information.  Coaches are to record the data by clicking on Input Pitching Data. You may view the pitching data by clicking on Look at Pitching Data.
-There has been confusion about the Batting Out of Turn Rule.  Please study the following CLARIFICATION.
-Umpires should use the following Pre-Game Meeting List before each game.
-T-Ball and Coach Pitch (Regular Season) Substitution Rule
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